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  • 12.000 procedures of experience
  • Awarded surgeons
  • Education from Ivo Pitanguy

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The Reflection of Your Future

See how the newest technology, Crisalix Augmented Reality works, and see your new breasts

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  • Hybrid breast augmentation
  • Motiva “JOY” minimal scarring techniques, 2,5cm – 3,5cm
  • Tailored patient journey
  • Best insurance in the world on capsule, contraction and rupture – conditions apply
  • Professor Marcos Sforza, our chief medical officer educates many surgeons every month all over the world
  • Local anaesthesia and sedation option
  • 3D simulation with AR included
  • General anesthetics included
  • Post operative visits included
  • Best trained surgeons
  • More than 15000 surgeries experience
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Why choose N1 Plastic Surgery?

We are truly passionate about esthetics and we will do all we can to satsify you. With many years of knowledge in the field of cosmetic surgery we can help you get your dream body.

Breast procedures that will change your life.

There’s a reason why breast procedures are one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. No matter your needs we’ll make sure the results of your breast procedure will be stunning.

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What does a procedure cost?

An investment in your beauty can be the investment of your life. Find out more about the price range for the different cosmetic surgery procedures we’re offering you.

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The Reflection of Your Future

See yourself live in real time, in a TV screen, augmented with your new breasts.